Success out in the open

How to simply celebrate success:

When we develop habits it’s harder to break the behaviour pattern. For celebrating success it’s just the same.

By applying the below principles, success can be celebrated without thinking too hard about the “how” as it becomes automatic. Here are some suggestions:

1. Have team meetings and reviews. Have structures within the working week for feeding back on recent events. Weekly routines are more effective and easier to plan. If you’re a manager, plan ahead by reviewing who has contributed what to which successes so you can commend accordingly.

2. Email a bulletin. Publicly recognise an achievement of a team or person in an email broadcast to people that will speak to or recognise the achievers (e.g. their peers or the CEO). It wears off if over-used so don’t do it too often and don’t let it be the fast alternative to other suggestions in this list.

3. Announce by noticeboard. If your office has noticeboards, by the lift, in reception or in other communal places that draw attention (even on the backs of toilet doors) to circulate the details of a success may generate more “noise” about the achievement than other tried and tested methods.

4. Clearly set visible targets. In an open-plan office it’s easy to have strategy boards where both nominal and substantial milestones are obvious as they are achieved and where individual responsibilities can be recognised.

When we instigate team habits it develops positive peer pressure plus the drive to repeat achievements. When teams come to expect certain routines then it’s hard to break them. And as routines give us security, ones around celebrating success must surely only give us energy?

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