Try less to achieve more

We so easily arrive on the daily treadmill without catching sight of a gym. You know that feeling…no matter what gets done, there’s plenty unfinished.

Here are 4 ways you can get away from the constant grind…

Feel more control over what to do next:

1. Use To Do Lists and allocate task time. Without a To Do List your time can be used haphazardly according to what interruptions and distractions are thrown at you. A project usually takes up to twice the time we allow for it because of unforeseen hurdles thrown in. Use a To Do list to prioritise, free up the brain and allocate time to the most important tasks!

2. Say “no” and do less. Learning to say “no” can be a relief. When people know you find it hard to say “no” then you’re an easy target to delegate to, whether it’s a “favour” or with real authority. Try prioritising your tasks first. You don’t gain credit for completing someone else’s work.

3. Delegate! Even if you don’t have staff, you can delegate. It’s hard to learn but good delegation frees up your day whilst getting the job done – only not only by you. Be sure about your own role and what fits into that of others. Ask for favours and flatter others into taking on tasks. Yes, delegating can be the hardest management skill to learn but it’s worth it.

4. Slow down. If you want to be less reactive, if you want time to plan, if your brain needs time to think and if you need some quiet time to concentrate or be creative….try slowing down. You will gain time and feel like you’re going faster in the long run.

Your sanity is worth it too isn’t it? Deciding what to do rather than adopting a knee-jerk reaction; being able to infer to others that you don’t fight their fires unless you choose to; giving away tasks but achieving your goals; and conjuring up creative solutions or just renewing energy when you’ve stopped working at 100 miles an hour….A pretty desirable alternative to the treadmill surely?

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