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How to get satisfaction during your busy day.

There’s nothing worse than feeling that you reach Friday having not started the key task on your list from Monday, is there?

With the never-ending too-hard-to-tackle To Do List you can find it overwhelming or demotivating and possibly out of control. This simple discipline can help regain your control, confidence and satisfaction  on a daily and weekly basis.
Sticky notes stuck to a PC screen work if your job is desk-based; if you’re mobile then try the sticky notes facility in your laptop desktop. A square at the top of your daily notes in your daybook/diary works too; or review your list on your smartphone.

Primarily, whether it’s stuck to your dashboard, attached to your phone or on the back of your hand, as long as it’s bright and boldly visible it’ll work. So, how do you use it?…

Last thing before you end work (assuming you stop work, busy people!) or first thing before you start, decide on 3 things that you MUST complete, no matter what, in your following day.

These 3 things are 1 small, 1 medium and then 1 larger, strategic task. You record these on your sticky note or whatever you’re using as your focal note, as the example above shows.

This should keep you on track and help you to prioritise better. Most of all, you’ll keep a sane level of satisfaction and more momentum throughout your week.  Enjoy, breathe, smile!

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