About Wildfire

Making teams work
Helping people work just the way they want to

Most of us want more control at work, to learn to do the job better and faster, and to be more influential.

Wildfire was founded 15 years ago ago to stop the Sunday night / Monday morning dread and to help people feel good, not frustrated, by Friday – by helping people develop skills to get more done more easily.

Clare Haynes, a professional speaker, experienced trainer, facilitator, and coach, knows the pressures first hand of running a team in a fast-moving demanding workplace. So she set up Wildfire  to help others.

You might manage a finance or IT team, for example, struggling through a restructure, or suffering the fallout of conflicting personalities.  That’s where we help our  clients. 

Wildfire stands for productivity through people; not rocket science, just common sense.

We specialise in 3 areas:

1. Practical Management

Daily routines and practices through which teams work

2.   Productivity

Eliminating the waste, allowing people to get on with the job

3.   Positive Politics

Strengthening relationships for people to work together

You don’t have to experience our training programmes, facilitation, conference speaking, coaching or evaluation services to benefit from the same common sense that our clients do daily….

These blogs are short and snappy enough to share tips and hints quickly.

But for more tips and to see what we do at Wildfire, see our website 

“…The guidance on career planning was very insightful and conducted with skill and a respect for any confidentiality issues that team members had.”
James Murphy, Team Manager – Project Accountants, DWP (Department of Work and Pensions)


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