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You deserve to win at work without being overwhelmed.

Workplace pressures just keep growing don’t they?

So perhaps you and your team get overwhelmed at times and would just like ways to prevent the pile up and make more progress?

Take your finance or IT team, for example,  it might mean the team need to work slicker together.  Or that you need faster co-operation from other departments/suppliers/customers.

Perhaps you need to be more assertive, need to have more influence or need to fine-tune your presentation skills for those monthly meetings?

Every day we share sparks – small ideas – with clients….. ideas that they can use quickly to improve workplace habits to get more done, more easily.  

Wildfire stands for productivity through people; not rocket science, just common sense.

This blog offers some of these simple, common sense techniques to help you to help yourself at work. Usually because someone’s asked us for that very advice. 

They’re tried and tested ideas for better communication and job satisfaction, less office politics and more productivity.

We specialise in 3 areas:

1. Practical Management

Daily routines and practices through which teams work

2.   Productivity

Eliminating the waste, allowing people to get on with the job

3.   Positive Politics

Strengthening relationships for people to work together

You don’t have to experience our training programmes, facilitation, conference speaking, coaching or evaluation services to benefit from the same colloquial common sense that our clients do daily….

These blogs are short and snappy enough to share tips and hints quickly.

Find more tips and what Wildfire does on our website 

“…This is the second event I have been to that you have run and have found your enthusiasm quite contagious and inspiring.”
Karen Foster, Head of Management Accounts & Systems, Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust

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