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We specialise in 3 areas:

1.   Practical management

Daily routines and practices through which teams work

2.   Productivity

Eliminating the waste, allowing people to get on with the job

3.   Positive Politics

Strengthening relationships for people to work together


When you need effective programmes, training, facilitation, training, coaching or conference speaking, we’ve delivered:

  1. Applications and interviews – winning the job you want
  2. Appraisal / reviews for managers – operating processes to manage your team Appraisal / reviews for staff – using proper processes to push your career ahead
  3. Assertiveness – communicating clearly
  4. Coaching – for managers to adopt a coaching approach
  5. Coaching – for staff to improve cooperation through coaching tactics
  6. Communication and flow of information – essentials for internal communication
  7. CV writing – getting noticed with a fantastic CV
  8. Efficiency and ease – developing efficient and effective habits
  9. Email etiquette – for professional conduct and email efficiency
  10. Employee engagement – getting commitment from your teams
  11. Feedback – being able to give and take solid feedback
  12. Finance for non-financial managers – to understand budgeting and financial fundamentals
  13. Influencing skills – gaining impact through improved language, listening and logic
  14. Innovating for success – new energetic approaches to everyday issues
  15. Leadership – influencing and generating followers
  16. Management development – vital management approaches
  17. Managing change – for managers to instigate sustainable, cooperative changes
  18. Managing change – for staff to adapt to changes in the workplace
  19. Managing your manager – taking more responsibility for your role
  20. Meeting management – professionally setting agendas and taking minutes
  21. Motivation – for managers to adopt techniques for motivating teams
  22. Motivation – for staff to find ways to be better motivated
  23. Negotiation – for confident negotiating and optimal outcomes
  24. Outplacement – guiding people from redundancy back into the job market
  25. Overcoming office politics – creating a POP (positive office politics) culture
  26. Personal planning – taking your development and planning seriously
  27. Personal styles – understanding how we’re similar and different
  28. Presentation skills – designing and giving powerful presentations
  29. Presentation skills – overcoming the fear of public speaking
  30. Problem solving – strategies for creatively solving problems
  31. Professionalism– appropriate protocol for representing your organisation
  32. Rapport building – through body, verbal and written language
  33. Report writing – making an impact when writing business reports
  34. Stress management – dealing with, and suffering less, from work stresses
  35. Team building for managers – maximising team members and the whole team
  36. Team building for team members – becoming a better team player
  37. Telephone techniques – for better sales and customer service
  38. Train the trainer – making training engaging and the learning lasting
  39. Time management – tackling time management with simple strategies
  40. The Zero Inbox – how to create and keep an empty email inbox

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